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Family and Group Conferencing (FGC) is growing as an approach in adult social care and mental health services.  It offers an inclusive process in which people can plan for their support and/or recovery on their own terms – alongside family, friends and other people that matter to them.

The Research and Practice Network provides a forum for developing practice through learning together and exchanging ideas, experiences and findings from research.

This network is hosted by Community Catalysts CIC.



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How FGC can help people

We have had a number of stories that relate to carers over the last year but this one has been chosen because it supported the carer to realise – with a little help – he can continue to look after his wife in the family home.

Read A Carer’s Story

Jerome recently received a referral from a GP who felt some of his patient’s symptoms could be treated by addressing her relationship with her son.

Read A Mother’s and Son’s Story

This story is a logical explainer of the process from an adult resident that brilliantly utilised an FGC.

Read Michaela’s journey
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