Care Homes can consider an FGC to resolve disagreements.

FGC, as a decision-making mechanism, provides a radically different means of engaging people and their families

Professor Peter Marsh, Emeritus Professor, University of Sheffield

Lauren is a care home manager who recently attended her first FGC. Issues between a resident’s next of kin and the home had been developing, so the social worker Martin suggested an FGC as a way forward.

Peter was the FGC coordinator, and Lauren said it was good to have a neutral and independent person to facilitate and mediate the meeting. It also took place off-site in a neutral venue, which created the perfect environment for a productive and focused meeting free from interruptions. The meeting meant that the family and Lauren could sit down, communicate and realise they were on the same team, with the resident’s best interests at heart. Lauren commended on the informal atmosphere, particularly the great food and drink spread provided; she even took some home to enjoy.

Lauren was grateful that the FGC provided another means of support for the family and the care home. She said overall it was a supportive meeting. Peter was very professional and kept the meeting moving, ensuring everybody’s voice was heard and Martin was able to provide all with his thoughts.

The FGC Plan documented what the family wanted from the care home for their loved one. It got sent over email to keep both parties accountable. Lauren said there was a feeling of apprehension before the meeting from both the family and the care home, but after the meeting, everyone felt a sense of relief that it went so positively.

There has been an improvement in trust and communication between the family and the home. She hopes if the home ever has another dispute, with this or any other family, they can consider an FGC to resolve it.

We are proud of the Adult Family Group Conference work and the progress you in ASC Camden have made. That is why we are going to send a fortnightly email to spotlight some simple stories, feedback & outcomes for adults, practitioners and FGC Coordinators. 

If you would like to know more about FGC, follow this link to our film celebrating 20 years of FGC in Camden:

Rozeta is a social worker and describes FGC as a great tool. Like a multi-tool that combines utensils such as a nail file and bottle opener into one, the FGC tool is multi-functional.

An older man had lived with dementia for three years before his wife who was his primary carer reported concerns that he had become disoriented and was starting to forget things.

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